Dear Stranger

Advice columns are everywhere. Magazines, the Internet, newspapers- they always have advice pages. Advice columns are quite depressing, really. Think about their topics: lying spouses, unwanted pregnancies, secret addictions, hateful relationships. These columns also give Christians plenty to think about. A Christian reads the questions and answers and becomes aware of just how pitiable the world is. Obviously, these people are desperate for answers to their lives’ problems. But the saddest aspect is that these individuals think that they only people they can turn to are complete strangers who write for various media outlets. Where are their families and friends? Where are the Christians around them? We are called to love others. People need love most when they are hurting. When men are wounded they are more likely to see that they are truly not invincible. At these times their Christian neighbors should rise up to be examples of Christ’s love, and perhaps through their care the wounded might see who Jesus Christ was. Next time you take a gander at an advice column think about the bleeding around you, and find away to minister to them.

Source: advice columns everywhere



  1. Anonymous advice-givers are preferable because they’ll never actually know if we listen to their advice.

  2. A needed observation.

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