Family of God

For those who claim the name of Christ, we know that we are called to be set apart from the world.  In our actions, in our thoughts, in our relationships.

Over the last few months I’ve been attending a church service called Revolution every Sunday night (at least whenever I didn’t have to work.)  At Revolution, they have accomplished a large task is in creating a place for whole hearted worship.  Pastor Paul, who speaks on most occasions, is a great teacher.  He speaks with conviction and inspires thought.  In  a recent sermon, he spoke about the “family of God.”  In his three points of the sermon he stated three things: That those who are a part of the family are chosen by him and we are adopted into the family by grace through faith.  That the family of God should be able to be identified by our obedience to the word, and that our greatest love should be to Christ.  And finaly the point that held such a strong conviciton for me, that the family of God should serve one another.

I’ve heard many a sermon saying that we need to love one another, and love others before we love ourselves… so on and so forth.  But in my mind I always brushed it off and just said to myself, “Hey, I’m a nice guy… no worries.”  But how often does anyone really serve another person?  How often do we really talk to someone and listen to them, not just wait for our turn to talk. [couldn’t help but throw in some movie lines.] But the greatest thing Pastor Paul brought the congregation to consider was the idea of not giving up on relationships.  Considering how much easier it is to just walk away from problems, is that what we are called to do?  The world isn’t perfect, ergo the world will have disagreements.  So in those disagreements, what is it that a believer should do?  Should they just put it to the back of the mind?

 And with this challenge I conclude.  Just as Pastor Paul challenged the congregation: If there are any grudges that you have in your heart, any people you haven’t forgiven, or even any little problems you have just tried to ignore, solve the problem and settle the differences.



  1. Here here! You should start using sources in your blogs though. It will help

  2. Well marcelonicus… kinda hard to source a sermon note.

  3. Source or no source…good sentiment. Definately a principal that more Christians should at least attempt to follow.

  4. Actually, jruxor, it’s not that hard. I sourced Edward’s room for one of my blogs, which i hope you appreciate.

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