The Shocking Truth

Celebrities such as Lindsay Lohan, Britney Spears, and Anna Nicole Smith cover the facades of a great majority of media outlets. There are pictures, opinions, and articles that chronicle the downward spirals of some of society’s most infamous faces.  

Drugs, eating disorders, alcoholism, mental disorders, arrests- the topics are grim at best, pitifully tragic in essence. And yet we flock to such tidings, eating them up with a knife and fork. We anticipate sharing the latest
Hollywood developments with our peers. We laugh and ridicule the subject, call them stupid, say they deserve the misery. But what is Christlike in that?

The greatest command given in the Bible is to love God with all our being. The second greatest is to love mankind. We are also directed to live as Christ lived, and Jesus was the most loving man in the history of the world. All this to say, the Reformed must love mankind. “But I do love my neighbors! I’m helpful and encouraging, and I don’t speak badly about them or hurt them in any way.” And the tabloid fodder? “That doesn’t count! Those are celebrities, not real people.” Ah, there’s the rub! We forget that the infamous are nothing more than average citizens with heaps of money and closets full of expensive rubbish. They are people, just like the barista at your favorite café, your congressman, your supervisor, and your grandfather. They are just as lost as any unsaved person you might meet at the grocer. They should not be snickered at, but looked at with compassion. 

Even as Christians, we rarely think of the
Hollywood elite in such a way, and the realization of this attitude is terribly convicting. So what will you do now, Christian? We are to yearn for the lost, and we need to remember that such individuals are included in this command. The time has come to stop laughing, and start feeling compassion.,0,5177410.story

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