The Fifth Year…

I don’t know how many of you knew but this last Monday was the four year anniversary of the
Iraq war. This war has stirred much political debate, and upset many in the country. Here is an excerpt of an article from Yahoo news:

Thousands crossed the Potomac River from the Lincoln Memorial to rally loudly but peacefully near the Pentagon. “We’re here in the shadow of the war machine,” said anti-war activist Cindy Sheehan. “It’s like being in the shadow of the death star. They take their death and destruction and they export it around the world. We need to shut it down.”But Larry Stimeling, 57, a Vietnam veteran from Morton, Ill., said the loss of public support for the Iraq war mirrors what happened in Vietnam and leaves troops without the backing they need. “We didn’t lose the war in Vietnam, we lost it right here on this same ground,” he said, pointing to the grass on the National Mall. “It’s the same thing now.”

Freedom of speech is one of the greatest products in this country. However, I feel that some use it without thought. While I do not care if you support Bush or not I do care if you support our troops. Thousands of our soldiers are overseas fighting and when a news clip comes on of their country protesting what they are doing, how do you think they feel? Try and imagine what it feels like to see the country you are ready to give your life for, rejecting what you are doing. While peace is a beautiful idea it is impossible, so stop asking for our country to make it happen. 

There will never be peace in this world. People are essentially evil in the deepest ways. Peace is a fairy tale. It’s the “Happily Ever After” we want at the end of a movie, but we know it never works out that way. As long as evil exists in the world in people such as Saddam Hussein and Osama bin Laden our troops will be there to fight evil. Our country can make mistakes, but there is never an excuse for us to not support our troops.


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  1. I am the most patriotic person I know. I believe in what this country stands for and what our actions speak out against. However the sad thing in a “free country” is even fools are entitled to their opinion. Therefore we can attempt to teach them but to condemn them is taking an anti freedom of speech stand. Who is un-American now? The fact is that with freedom comes responsibility. Condemnation only breeds dissention, teach don’t rebuke.

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