Manipulating Freedoms

Nowadays, it seems like everyone wants to have the rights to do whatever they want. Granted, we are in a free country, but that does not mean that all actions will be tolerated. For example, in 2002, a high school student in Alaska held up a sign during the passing of the Olympic Torch. The sign read, “Bong hits for Jesus.” As a result, the student was suspended for ten days. People soon grew outraged at these actions, and claimed that the student was exercising his freedom of speech, and that this freedom was taken away from him by the school. The case is now in the Supreme Court, trying to prove that the school acted unconstitutionally.”The court should affirm the appeal’s court well-reasoned decision that when the school punished teh student it violated his First Amendment rights.”

I, However, disagree with those who believe that the school was at fault. One of the reaons would be that the banner encouraged drug use, but I know that this would not sway people to my side. The main reaons that I believe the school had complete authority of what they did was because at the time that this event occurred, the school was still in session. Sure, they were not on the campus of the school but the school allowed the students to leave their classes to watch the torch pass. It was pretty much like they were on a field trip. This was still a school event, even though it was not on school grounds.

Even though we may think that we should be allowed to do whatver we want, we can’t. It seems like people will make any excuse to claim that someone is taking away their constitutional rights. People are too often trying to manipulate their freedom, and looking for ways to interperet the Constition to make it say what they want it to.


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