God’s Plan?

Alright, Im going to admit it. I am a huge fan of Greys Anatomy. Im not quite sure if its those crazy intense moments of ER drama or the emotional love games, that keep me watching it. But nevertheless I’m hooked. So as Im sitting there clutching my pillow waiting for commercials to end I am hit by what I actually just saw and heard. My mind quickly flashed back to a conversation between Izzy and Addison. Izzy approaches Addison about her current love problem and her out of the blue love affair with a married man, George. Being the wonderful woman that Addison is, she encourages Izzy to not think much of it and drop it. This is where Izzy makes a very interesting claim. She asks Addison and I quote, “How do you know that it didn’t feel so right because it was God’s plan!” Recovering from the shock of the question, Addison clears her throat to repeat the question. “You think God wants you to be an adulterer?” And once again Izzy fires back with yet another claim. “Well God got a virgin pregnant by magic, He isn’t exactly playing by the rules!” 
 Yup thats right everybody, God is 1. not playing by his own rules, therefore he is sinful, and 2. God wants Izzy to continue committing adultery. Of course I mean this in the most sarcastic way possible. But the horrible thing is, is that a lot of people watching tonight’s episode would hear that conversation and say “Yea, thats right! God isn’t playing by his own rules!Hey maybe I should go have sex with my married friend.”
Yet another sad thing about this whole scene is that it shows the ignorance of our culture. It makes clear the lack of understanding we have of God and the Bible. I mean look at this secular show. It has a basic understanding of one of the 10 commandments and a very shallow view of God. But that is it. Even rational thought is thrown out here. Did anyone ever stop and think, “Wait does this make sense? Could God actually not play by his own rules, wouldn’t he not be God if he broke them.” Yea thats right he wouldn’t be.
Hopefully in the end this dialogue caught people’s attention and brought their minds to think about God. Who knows maybe its even God plan for people to misrepresent him on primetime national television.


  1. A quote in response:
    “Few things in our culture are more spiritually numbing than the television. Even the so-called “good” shows are by and large trite and low-minded and anything but cultivating of a rich, deep capacity to enjoy God. And when you add to that the barrage of suggestive advertisements that accompany virtually every program, I do not wonder why so many of our professing Christians are spiritually incapable of experiencing high thoughts and deep emotions. Television is the main sustainer of our addiction to superficiality and triviality.” –John Piper, Desiring God

    Well done Andrew. We are so easily dumb to the influences that we fill our minds with. Ignorant to their lethal effects.

  2. I’d like to ask you to pray for Merideth…

  3. Reply to “Silent Administrator”

    Piper contends that Television is the “Main sustainer of our addiction to superficiality and triviality”.

    Is it not true that anything not done in moderation can have the effect of drawing our focus off of God? It is unfair to point the finger at the television when there are an infinite number of activities and vices that we participate in (such as sports, relationships, and even school) that divert our focus just as much.


  4. Reply to “constantvariable”

    Piper is not casting out any other method of diverting our focus on God, but rather pointing out the serious side-affects of television. In fact its not that it even draws us away from thinking about God, but rather dumbs down those thoughts about God. In the case of greys anatomy, the show actually turns the viewers minds to God, but a very misconstrued idea of Him.

  5. It is indeed true that pretty much anything can distract our focus from high and lofty thoughts of God. Piper’s point, however, is that television is inherently designed in such a way that it inevitably produces this result. I don’t think Jerry Bruckheimer is sitting in his office and thinking, “How can I destroy the ability of Christians to think about the deeper things of God for sustained periods of time.” But just because that is an unintended consequence does not mean that it is not destructive and an appropriate target for blame.

    Besides, if you look at pretty much any statistic on the TV watching habits of Americans you’ll see that Piper is not talking out of his hindparts when he lays the brunt of the blame on television.

  6. Point taken.

    The way I see it (and I could very well be wrong) is that the willingness of people, especially Americans, to contribute to such a high degree of sloth is indicative of a higher problem–the problem of purpose. The reason people routinely devote multiple hours of their day to television viewing is because of the lack of purpose prevalent in today’s society.

    Don’t get me wrong. I’m not television’s Defense Attorney. I too believe that modern television only helps to perpetuate that situation, but when we point our fingers at the boob tube at not at the mindset of society itself, I think we cheat society and do ourselves a great disservice.

    Granted, this can easily be turned into a circular argument, but I leave you with a quote from the character of Edward R. Murrow from the movie “Goodnight and Goodluck”

    “This instrument can teach. It can illuminate and it can even inspire. But it can do so only to the extent that humans are determined to use it towards those ends. Otherwise, it is merely wires and lights in a box.”


  7. Agreed. We always must look inwardly first but that does not prevent us from calling external thing unprofitable or even harmful.

    I do believe television in Murrow’s day is very different than television in Piper’s. Murrow would have keeled over after an episode of Friends. From the quote, Murrow is basically saying that TV either illuminates and inspires or doesn’t do anything. Piper would say that it cripples.

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