Now I am probably sure that a small amount of the population actually watched this movie considering the violence, but I insisted on seeing it.  It was historical and any epic movie is worthy of watching.

 The movie was portrayed in a manner that is relevant to even todays society.  The whole reason why war broke out between the Spartans and Persians was primarily because of the lack of cooperation by the Spartan leader, King Leonidas.  He was asked to bow before the “god king” King Xerxes of the Persian empire who had collected and gathered an army 1 million strong.  Xerxes was considered a god king because people bowed before him and his power was reflected in that of a godly manner.

Even though this is ran thin of a reflection, we often in modern society deal with little god kings.  We are often so consumed with our sin nature because it is so satisfying.  We strive for comfort and short lasting pleasures on this world.  We as Christians must stand up and overcome the trials and temptations of this world.  In a way we must be like King Leonidas who did not give into temptation and stood up for his beliefs and the beliefs of Sparta.  We must live and die in a manner that reflects our walk with God and rise against the trials of life.



  1. Nice application. A little stretched, but nice all the same. I appreciate the bit about dealing with little god kings. It’s so true. One need look no farther than one’s own high school or workplace to see living, breathing examples of such arrogance.

  2. Yes I know that it was very stretched but I am indeed new to the blogging world so im workin my way up.

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