Who We Are

     People call us the whatever generation-a demoralizing term that does not characterize who we are.  We are a generation of free thinkers, idea makers, and leaders that step up and face these skeptics head on.  Our medians do not come in form of sit-ins, marches, and rallies, but rather here.  The web is where we communicate and debate on the issues that really matter.  This blog was made for just that.  To share, agree, and fight for the things that we believe in!  There are many teens that take the apathetic way out and are apart of the so called “whatevers” but as more and more blogs like this show up on the web we are proving that this generation will not tolerate it and struggle until we are all unified in one voice!


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  1. Very inspiring. I’m ready to punch a post modernist in te face after reading your little blurb. Also, I really like your avatar.

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