No Mo PoMo


My name is Josh Schwochert. I am 16 years old. I am leaving high school this year to attend college and become a functioning member of society. This is the time where I can make a difference. Well the fact is its everyone’s time to make a difference, and this blog is my outlet to change that. Our generation is, well, lackluster at best. Post Modernism and the customization generation have ruined the work ethic and high expectations of generations past, this is where I hope to make a difference. I love short and concise knowledge, the espresso of the information world. That’s why I hate post modernism. The fact is that we’ve only got one shot, and our parents will only govern this world for a few more years. It is our turn now.


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  1. Morbid but true. It’s your turn now dog. (IYTND)

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