What We’re About

So, I guess the point of this blog is to describe what silent no more is going to be about. This is what I think we should be about. We have to be a blog dedicated to resisting people’s low expectations. I don’t mean to steal rebelution’s catchphrase, but we do need to “do hard things”. The reason why is because nothing is expected of us. We are a generation of druggies, sluggards, adulterers, cowards, fools, and murderers… The only thing that people really have come to expect of us is that we fail. In light of this, I think we must be about defying expectations. For in going above and beyond we can show people we are not a generation of failures and fools, but the forefront of a new age of excellence and reason, centered in Christ. God has given us the potential for much, but the question we are then left with is, “What are we going to do with it?”

In summary, what we’re about is defying low expectations, raising the bar (sorry cingular), going the extra mile, using what God has given us to the fullest of our abilities. We are about effort, work, and trials for the glory of our Father in Heaven. That’s what we’re about.  


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  1. Amen Preach it brother! Hallieujah (lol speeling)

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