Once again I have the privilege of being the first to post.  And with that I take the liberty of saying something.

I understand that some may just see this as yet another way for Bed to give us more work.  Let us not just look at it in that sense.  We are a prilileged class.  Sure, this is something that we might have to work at.  Let’s approach this in a mature sense.  Correct me if i’m wrong, but don’t we think that we are old enough to hand our situations ourselves.  Whether you are 16, 17, 0r 18…  We have a way we can address situations that we all have opinions about.  So I beg of you, Speak out what you wish to say.  Fear not judgment…

Even if this is something hard for us to deal with. 

Work through it,

Fight through it.  And keep each other accountable to it.

Finally,  one last thought. 

Positivity…  This will only work if we have an attitude to make it work.


  1. positive attitudes lead to possitive change, and that is what we want right? i love you guys.

  2. Let’s Roll!!!

  3. Even though you spelled privilege wrong, i’m still very proud. You’re right. Positivity is the only way to fly. Negativity only wears you down, kind of like gravity, only so much more difficult to resist. Gravity has very little attraction, while pessimism has all kinds of shallow, short-term benefits. I like where your head’s at though,you shining paragon of a pupil. Hat’s off to ya, and to Edwards for coming up with such a cool idea. Forward the anti-silence!

  4. True. Well said Johnny.

  5. I agree. This is one of the few assignments this year that I am totally hyped about. We really do have an amazing opportunity here and all of us need to take advantage of it. And i like how you used a zero for the O btw…

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