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Silent Gets Out

Most of you missed out on our backpacking trip up the Matilija River. This is one of the falls that we jumped into, and I’m trying to create a slideown so you can see what you could have enjoyed…

Matilija Backpack Trip


I started my own blog.

I just wanted to do something that would keep you guys connected to my life and make a place where I could share thoughts on things. So enjoy my life on your screen.

the Gaius project

Gaius Project

“We consistently fail to experience the fullness of enjoyment that God has for us in artistic expression because we do not understand how our pleasures relate to the pleasure to be had in God (Eccl. 2:24-25, I Tim. 6:17). Or, we want to ultimately ascribe the glory of a work to man the creature rather than God, man’s creator (Romans 1:25). We forfeit so much joy to be had in art when we make man or art, and not God, the end of art.”

You guys need to check this out. This is a tremendous movement. I am very excited to watch what goes on over here. I have been watching with great joy as some of have been developing in your atristic expression and hope that you will join in.

Since I’m on the topic For more great reading on the role of imagination and art from a Biblical perspective check out this profound article by N. T. Wright.

Finishing the Race

Today was my last day of having to do homework in high school.  I’m going to say that I did feel just a little bit emotional (only a bit).  I started to think if I “ran the race” with full force and never giving up at all.  I stumbled many times over my high school carreer but I have to say that I think that is going to help prepare me for what is to come in college.  I learned many lessons like don’t wait until the night before to do your homework.  That is going to be the biggest thing I will take with me next year.  I am going to commit myself to running the next race with even greater force and determination.  And I think that is something we all need to do.  We need to never give up no matter what challenges may lie ahead.


Reflections of the mind was a topic that was reoccurring this last year of high school.  As I stop and reflect on this whole year and past high school experience I stop and think, “Did I leave my mark?”  I do not want to leave this school without leaving some trademark and legacy.  I believe my senior class as a whole has left their mark.  The previous year was known for being over the top and crazy.  My class was indeed very argumentative, debating, yet extremely witty and intelligent.  But what about the individual?  What about me?  Did I leave something behind that would be remembered just “Go big or go home, leave it all out on the floor so that you dont leave wishing that you should of done more.”

Paradise Lost Part Deux

Something that has crossed my mind in my past readings and learning is the background stories on Anti Heroes.  I have noticed that the reason why we enjoy these types of characters, is because it is tangible.  I indeed could become a Jack Sparrow or even a Rooster Cogburn.  It is their faults that make us like them and want to be like them.  Everybody loves “the bad-boy” and it is true.  As wicked as a hero might be morally, they are still a hero to us.  Our fallen nature is what consumes us and declares in our hearts the envy to be like these Anti Heroes.